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Australian Retirement Villages



Neil Schwennesen

Neil is a highly experienced and knowledgeable retirement village, residential land lease community and tourist accommodation facility manager having worked in these industry sectors for over 35 years.

My goal in presenting the information available on Australian Retirement Villages is to help my readers decide if living in a retirement village or a retirement village with assisted living options is for them. If you decide that either of these options is for you, then hopefully I can provide you with a source of information for you to first find a retirement village in a region or specific town and then locate a home of your choice.

Neil has many years of experience managing retirement villages, permanent residential parks now known as residential land lease communities, caravan parks, serviced apartments and motels. I have assisted the senior members of our community for many years.

My extensive experience means that I understand and appreciate what you are going through when you decide it is time to consider moving into a retirement village or taking that step to move into assisted living where others will cook your meals, do your cleaning and be on hand in case of a medical episode. I have endeavoured to present this information in a format and a language that is easy to understand. Useful links have also been provided to make it easier for you to obtain more detailed information should you require it. I gain a great deal of personal satisfaction from helping others, particularly the mature members of our community.

With my background and experience being in New South Wales, the information provided is generally based on the legislation governing retirement villages in this state,

If you live outside New South Wales, most states have relevant legislation, however I am sure that you will find the general information informative, interesting and useful.

The information contained in this site is general in nature and is not a substitute for good legal advice when you decide to purchase a home.

If you would like to submit an article or information for consideration to be included, please use the Contact Us page to email it to us.

Should you also be considering living in a Residential Land Lease Community, Lifestyle Resort or a Manufactured Home Estate, you can find interesting information about these at

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