Australian Retirement Villages


Australian Retirement Villages

Connecting Retirees with Organizations and Activities

Introducing Friends of ARV

Australia wide there are over 2,300 retirement villages and more than 184,000 people who have made a retirement village their home.

Retirement is a significant life transition, offering newfound freedom and opportunities for retirees. One of the goals of Australian Retirement Villages (ARV) is to provide a supportive online community for retirees to thrive.

To enhance this experience, we have created “Friends of ARV” to serve as a platform dedicated to linking retirees with organizations and groups offering activities, education, networking and volunteering opportunities tailored to the interests of retirees.

Some of these services will be free, others may have a membership fee or there could be a cost associated with the activities they run. You will need to check with the organisers.

“Friends of ARV” is a conduit that connects retirees with organizations and groups committed to enhancing the retirement experience. We recognize that retirees possess valuable life experiences, and our mission is to ensure they have access to services and activities that cater to their needs and interests.

Our Collaborative Partners: Supporting Retirees

“Friends of ARV” collaborates with organizations and groups that share our passion for enriching retirees’ lives. These partners offer a wide array of services and activities that aim to elevate the retirement experience. From fitness classes and cultural events to educational workshops and volunteer opportunities, our partners provide retirees with a world of possibilities.

It is a known fact that the best way to enjoy your retirement is to give yourself a purpose in life and to keep both the mind and body active.

If your organization or group shares our commitment to enhancing retirees’ experiences and offers services or activities of interest to this demographic, we invite you to become a friend of ARV.

By joining our community of partners, you can connect with retirees eager to explore new opportunities and make the most of their retirement years.

How To Become a Friend of Australian Retirement Villages (ARV)

We look forward to welcoming your organization or group to our growing network of friends dedicated to supporting retirees in Australian Retirement Villages.
As part of our community service we offer Not For Profit organisations and groups a free listing and advertisement on this page.

Together, we can create a retirement filled with joy, engagement, and limitless possibilities. If you believe your organization can contribute to this vision, we encourage you to reach out and become a friend of ARV.

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